Mitigating Risk with Medigap and Advantage Plans

Published May 7th, 2024

Many Seniors today do not have the adequate protection they need when it comes to their health plan. Many rely upon Original Medicare alone to serve their needs. In reality Medicare Part A and B only cover 80% of the cost of medical care. This leaves a 20% gap that must be covered by the patient. Original Medicare does not contail stop-losses like other plans, leaving potentially devestating out-of-pocket costs to consumers. It also leaves a gap with filling prescription drugs.

Thankfully, there are solutions:

  1. Medigap plans help to either fully or partially cover the 20% that Original Medicare leaves behind. 
  2. Part D plans can be combined with Medigap to help cover the costs of drugs
  3. Many Medicare Advantage Plans prevent catostrophic losses with stop-losses. Most plans even contain coverage for prescription drugs and many Medicare Advantage plans even carry $0 premiums! At the very least, all consumers should carry a $0 premium Advantage plan in order to help mitigate the 20% coinsurance that Original Medicare leaves uncovered.

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