Prescription Drug Coverage

Understanding Medicare Part D

Allow us to find a tailored solution for your specific medications
Medicare Part D, or the Medicare prescription drug benefit, is the part of Medicare which helps to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs and prescription drug insurance premiums. Most states have dozens of companies offering dozens of different plans. That is where we step in to help.

Shop Plans Based on Medication

Make sure you shop plans based on your specific medications and dosages. Many people make the mistake of choosing the lowest premium plan only to discover it has very high co-pays for their prescriptions.

Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for Part D plans is between October 15th and December 7th of every year. This is the time of year you can shop for, compare, and register for new plans.

Using a Preferred Pharmacy

Specify if you have a pharmacy at which you prefer to fill your medications. Many plans coordinate with various pharmacies for added discounts, and some plans integrate better with different pharmacies. If you are open to filling at any nearby pharmacy, then you are more likely to get the best value. Being open to filling via mail order for 90 days at a time can also be a convenient, cost-saving good choice.


Day-One Coverage

The donut hole ends when you reach the catastrophic coverage limit for the year. In 2021, the donut hole will end when you and your plan reach $6,550 out of pocket in one calendar year. That limit is not just what you have spent but also includes the amount of any discounts you received in the donut hole.

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